“There is a ‘higher, more personal, order of beauty,’ only achievable when artists or craftsmen make works by hand”
— Bernard Leach

Classes at Pinch celebrate working with your hands. Feel the clay; create textures, shapes and vessels. Discover moments of self-realisation or “ah” moments of perfect expression. It’s therapeutic! The objects will never just be useful; how can they be, when there is so much scope to express your inner artist?

You’ll learn:
  • clay preparation (e.g. wedging, recyling)
  • handbuilding (e.g. pinching, slab-building, coiling)
  • throwing
  • glazing (e.g. dipping, spraying, painting)

You’ll gain:
  • the warm company of like-minded participants
  • an engrossing engagement of mind and body
  • the exciting experience of art-making
  • a uniquely individual vessel/shape to keep

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